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Basic Mediation Training

This 40-hour Training is open to the public.  Typical attendees include those wishing to volunteer as mediators at a Community Dispute Center, lawyers, business people, teachers, counselors and anyone who wants to learn constructive ways to deal with conflict.  The concepts and skills of mediation can be applied not only formally as a mediator but individually while informally interacting with others a home, work or in the community.  

This training is interactive and includes exercises, role plays and class discussion.  This training meets all standards set for community mediations within the University of Oregon School of Law, OMA standards and standards for Civil Mediation established by the Oregon Chief Justice order #05-028

Next Training will take place over 5 days: Feb 15th-17th and Feb 23rd-24th.

This training will be In-Person in Salem, OR.

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Capacitación de mediación básica de 35 – horas en

Spanish Basic Mediation Training Invitation Video   

Esta capacitación gratuita introducirá a los participantes a los temas, prácticas y habilidades para
convertirse en un mediador en la comunidad. La mediación es un proceso confidencial en el que una
persona imparcial guía a dos o más personas a trabajar voluntariamente para llegar a un acuerdo
mutuamente aceptable. Los estudiantes aprenderán cómo comunicarse con los clientes durante el
desarrollo del caso y la mediación, promoverán la comprensión y facilitarán la discusión de resolución deproblemas que ayuda a resolver la disputa. Las clases serán en español, en línea (por zoom) a lo largo de 5 sesiones.
Esta capacitation el completamente sin costo y está siendo patrocinada por, Oregon Office of Dispute
Resolution Centers

Si te interesa esta oportunidad por favor completa el formulario de interés antes del 28 de agosto
del 2023 y te avisaremos si has sido seleccionado https://forms.gle/R93zwPtTQPEyU6Uu8

Horario 8:30 am a 4:30pm

Fechas: cinco viernes consecutivos;
● Septiembre 15, 2023
● Septiembre 22, 2023
● Septiembre 29, 2023
● Octubre 6, 2023
● Octubre 13, 2023

Favor de dirigir sus preguntas a la capacitadora del programa, Verónica Bañuelos verita816@gmail.comBeavertonOgon.gov

This is a free Basic Mediation Training, fully in Spanish, with a focus on people whose first language is Spanish.  Our goal is to increase the numbers of Spanish Speaking Mediators in Oregon while also learning more about barriers to our Latinx community members to the current dominant Mediation processes.   Please see the attached flyer and watch this video for more information about this exciting training!

Interested participants can fill out the Spanish Mediation Interest Form.

Aready Completed a Basic Mediation Training?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Neighbor-to-Neighbor and have already completed a 32+ hour Basic Mediation Training, please fill in the below form and submit to n2nmediation@gmail.com

N2N Volunteer Waiver Form

Manufactured/Marina Home Park Mediation Training

Neighbor-to-Neighbor is excited to offer training for our Manufactured & Marine Home Park Mediation Program! This program provides community mediation services between manufactured or marine home park residents or between manufactured or marine home park managers and residents, and is funded through a grant provided by the Manufactured Communities Resource Center, or MCRC.  In January 2020, legislation from SB586 made some MHP mediation mandatory.

This training is for mediators to familiarize themselves with the particulars of MMHP issues and MCRC resources. This training will also include a section on mandatory mediation and the changes, policies and procedure needed. This 3-hour training required for any mediator who would like to mediate these cases with Neighbor to Neighbor.  It is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all mediators that have done past MHP or MMHP mediations as a refresher and to help understand “mandatory” mediation.

The cost is $90 for this training, with the fee waived for Neighbor to Neighbor volunteers. We do need n2n volunteers to register. An option for remote attendance is available, please let us know if you would like to attend this training remotely.

Next Training:  September 2023 (must have completed BMT training)

MMHP Mediation Training Registration

Court-related Mediation, Small Claims/FED

Small claims courts all across Oregon offer free mediation services to plaintiffs and defendants prior to parties presenting their case before a judge. This training will cover how small claims mediation fits into the broader small claims court process, the implications of mediating in a court process, and the types of cases you will mediate the most in small claims court. N2N’s interactive approach means you will be participating in role plays mediations, group discussions, and activities throughout the training.

Mediation works, and few places are better to advance and hone your mediation skills than in small claims court.


8:00am – 3:00pm Small Claims

3:00 – 6:00pm FED (must have Court-related 6 hours to attend FED training)

The cost is $150 for this training, with the fee waived for Neighbor to Neighbor volunteers. We do need n2n volunteers to register. An option for remote attendance is available, please let us know if you would like to attend this training remotely.

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Restorative Justice Mediation/Conferencing

September 22 – 23, 2023 (16 hours)

Trainer: Ted Lewis

Cost $250 (N2N volunteers receive for Free)

Mending the harm through bridge-building dialogue: Behind all crimes and other harms are real people who commit them and real people who are affected by them; restorative justice seeks to put the face back on the crime. Victim/offender mediation is just one of many restorative models that help offenders to have a greater learning experience so that they can take greater responsibility for their actions.  At the same time, the needs of victims are taken seriously, and victims are given significant voice in resolution. This model is also useful in cases of low- or high-level harm in schools and other social contexts.

For more information or to register early call 503-585-0651, opt 7

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Neighbor-to-Neighbor hosts monthly In-Services, alternating monthly between Marion County and Linn/Benton County, to bring our volunteers together to provide on-going education, learn from each other, support and build our community of volunteers, and discuss best practices and difficult situations. Open to all volunteers, these In-Services are a great way to strengthen mediation skills and learn from one another’s insights and experiences.  Call 503-585-0651, opt 7 for next date and location. 


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