Mandatory Mediation

What is Mandatory Mediation?

Disputes Eligible for Mandatory Mediation can be initiated by any party. A dispute between landlord and tenant or two tenants that could impact tenancy at their manufactured home or marina park are be eligible for mandatory mediation as per Oregon Revised Statute 90.767.

In mandatory mediation, participants must make a good faith effort to

  1. schedule a mediation within 30 days after initiation; 
  2. attend and participate; and 
  3. cooperate with reasonable requests of the mediator.  

Mandatory mediation compels parties to meet at least once and suspends any court action until completion of the mandatory mediation. Failure to participate could also result in participants having to pay damages of one month’s rent. If you think you may be eligible for mandatory mediation of have any questions, please reach out to our offices.