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Basic Mediation Training

April 25,26, May 1,2 & 3 2020

This is a 40 hour course that is open to anyone interested in either becoming a mediator, or in learning basic interpersonal skills and conflict resolution concepts. Typical attendees include family and child workers, counselors, attorneys, management, human resource personnel, government and non-profit employees, staff dealing with the public, as well as retirees interested in volunteering for a community non-profit.

For those interested in volunteering and becoming skilled mediators, a practicum is offered which includes mentoring, evaluation, observing and co-mediating, and on-going education (In-Services). Feel free to call us with any questions including the status of certification for Oregon. Our training meets and exceeds the standards set forth nationally for mediators though no state certification is currently in place.

BMT Application Spring 2020


Already Completed a Basic Mediation Training?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Neighbor-to-Neighbor and have already completed a 32+ hour Basic Mediation Training, please fill in the below form and submit to

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Small Claims Mediation Training

May 16, 2020

Small claims courts all across Oregon offer free mediation services to plaintiffs and defendants prior to parties presenting their case before a judge. This training will cover how small claims mediation fits into the broader small claims court process, the implications of mediating in a court process, and the types of cases you will mediate the most in small claims court. Neighbor to Neighbor’s interactive approach means you will be participating in role plays meditations, group discussions, and activities throughout the training.




April 14, 2020 in Salem


May 12, 2020 at 6:30 in Albany 


June 9, 2020 at 6:30 in Salem

“Deep Listening” (Mike Baird)


Neighbor-to-Neighbor hosts monthly In-Services, alternating monthly between Salem and Corvallis, to bring our volunteers together to provide on-going education, learn from each other, support and build our community of volunteers, and discuss best practices and difficult situations. Open to all volunteers, these In-Services are a great way to strengthen mediation skills and learn from one another’s insights and experiences.



Neighbor-to-Neighbor published its first quarterly newsletter, NEIGHBORLY, in January 2018 with information on upcoming training dates, articles, staff updates, and more. To subscribe, email Robyn James at

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