About Us

Our Mission

Neighbor-to-Neighbor is dedicated to providing peaceful solutions to conflict through mediation, facilitation, education and training. Our aim is to provide families, neighborhoods, and crime victims the means to achieve peace and reconciliation.


Our Vision

We are committed to enhancing our local community by supporting individuals and groups to peacefully resolve conflicts, achieve reconciliation, and learn appropriate dispute resolution behavior.


Our Values

In the conduct of Neighbor-to-Neighbor’s operations, we value:

  • Conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • Appropriate dispute resolution approaches to conflict
  • The right and innate ability of each person to find peaceful solutions to conflict
  • The primacy of volunteers as mediators
  • Professional development of staff, volunteers, and board
  • Meaningful compensation for and recognition of staff
  • Collaborative relationships with other community groups and organizations
  • Open and respectful communications among staff, board, volunteers, community members, and mediation participants
  • Sensitivity to and appreciation of community and cultural differences

Our Programs

      Community Mediation

      Workplace Relationships

      Landlord/Tenant Disagreements

      Consumer/Merchant Conflicts                                            

      Juvenile Victim/Offender Mediation

      Youth & Family Mediation

      Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program

      Large and Small Group Facilitations